It’s In Your
Nature To Thrive, Adapt, Grow, Play, Recharge, Glow

Who you are today is already enough. We’re just here to supplement you.

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You Are Bountiful

Your heart is strengthened by laughing out loud.​

It’s In Your
Nature To Play

Nature’s Bounty supplements your cardiovascular health with Co Q-10.​*

Laughing with friends may help your digestion.​

It’s In Your Nature To Thrive

Nature’s Bounty supplements your gut health with 20 billion live probiotic cultures.​*

Your body produces nearly 100 billion immune cells per day.

It’s In Your Nature To Adapt

Nature’s Bounty supplements your health with 24 hours of immune support.​*

Your skin renews every 27 days.​

It’s In Your Nature To Glow

Nature’s Bounty supplements your hair, skin, & nails with 2x the biotin.​*^

Your brain makes room for new memories while you sleep. ​

It’s In Your Nature To Recharge

Nature’s Bounty supplements your night’s rest with Triple Action Time Release Technology Melatonin.*

Your hair can grow 590 miles in your lifetime.

It’s In Your Nature To Grow

Nature’s Bounty supplements your hair growth with only 1 pill a day of our advanced hair complex for thicker fuller hair.​*

Your skeleton can support more than 2x your weight.

It’s In Your Nature To Stand Strong

Nature’s Bounty supplements your bones with high-absorption magnesium.​*

Sex can burn about 5 calories per minute.

It’s In Your Nature To Desire

Supplement your sexual health with Nature’s Bounty Libido Support.*

From your head to your heels

From starting right to sleeping tight

We offer everything to help you

Eat, Sleep, Thrive, Repeat.

Comprehensive Offerings. Exceptional Quality. Passionate Science. Innovative Solutions.

We are passionate about the science and ingredients in our products to support you and your family.

ALWAYS INNOVATING icon ALWAYS INNOVATING Immune 24, Sleep3, Hair Growth, and more modern solutions as we seek to continually bring you our best.
HALF A CENTURY icon HALF A CENTURY We’ve offered you our very best since 1971 with the help of our talented researchers and scientists.
ROBUST OFFERINGS icon ROBUST OFFERINGS We supplement what matters most—from restful sleep to stress comfort to the health of your heart.*
TESTING, TESTING icon TESTING, TESTING Every single month. We test and retest to bring you potent and efficacious ingredients, guaranteed.

Your body is a brilliant machine. 

Every day it’s hustling on your behalf.

Your heart beats. 

Your skin breathes. 

Your cells are reborn. 

Who you are today is already enough. 

Explore Products That Supplement You

No matter where you are on your journey, we’ll be your partner every step of the way.

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Fabulous product!
"I definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for a good probiotic. It’s easy to take easy on the stomach and you can definitely notice a difference after a week of taking it consistently. I felt much better!"
This user received free product in exchange for their honest review.
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Vitamin D3
"I am always low on vitamin D because I don't stay in the sun long enough. I bought these to try to hlp improve my vitamin D levels and it's improving."
-- kimberlya8918 Read more