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Healthy Living Tips From Dorothy Hamill

With a shared commitment to champion overall health and wellness, we are proud to partner with Dorothy on our mission to support people on their individual wellness journeys.

As a former professional figure skater Dorothy Hamill is using her unique experiences and background to encourage and demonstrate to others that, though we may sometimes feel very different from each other, we are all just people who want to be our best, healthy selves.

“In partnering with Nature’s Bounty, I want to inspire everyone to take that leap - to focus on being healthy now- so we can be prepared for all of life’s big celebrations and victories, along with those small, everyday moments, which truly make life special!”

Dorothy Hamill has infused her own experience into tips to help people jumpstart their health in 2018, including:

  1. Get moving!
    I am constantly looking for small ways to add extra movement to my day, whether that is taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking in the farthest spot in the grocery store parking lot, I try to add as many "steps" as I can. It is important to maintain joint comfort so I can continue to be active and have added Glucosamine Chondroitin to my daily routine to support my joint health and comfort.*

  2. Health and Wellness are Holistic
    Over the years, if there is one thing I have learned about my overall wellness, is that there is no one quick fix. It is all about the collective small moments throughout the day that make you a "healthy" person—like eating a balanced diet as regularly as possible and taking the vitamins and the supplements your body needs to fill any nutritional gaps, and getting quality sleep.

  3. "Take your Vitamins!"
    This is a piece of advice I wish I could give to my younger self. Personally, in addition to a balanced diet, to ensure that I am filling any nutritional gaps, I now incorporate vitamins like Fish Oil to help maintain my cardiovascular and circulatory systems, Nature's Bounty Probiotic 10 to support digestive balance and Calcium with Vitamin D3 for bone health.

  4. Find activities you have passion for and it will never be work
    Skating has always been my passion and the ice has always been a place of great peace for me while also being an incredible workout. Today, in addition to skating I have found other ways to stay active and healthy including hiking, walking my dog, tennis and skiing.

  5. Experiment
    Starting when I was very young, my parents believed in exposing each of their children to an abundance of varied activities in the hope they would find something they loved. They each had found a passion - Dad with his music and Mom with her horses - so it was natural for them to encourage us try new things and pursue what we love to do. For me it was always skating. If you haven't found your passion, start putting yourself out there to new things!

  6. Routines Create Success
    As a professional athlete and now with a busy lifestyle, I am still all about planning ahead and having a routine. For example, Sunday nights, I sort out all of my vitamins for the week into a case that I keep in my purse, so that I know, no matter where I am, I have my essentials with me. To help me stick to my routine, I also sometimes add in Melatonin so I can recharge and be ready to take on the day for when I experience those occasional nights where I may have trouble falling asleep.* Planning ahead is everything!
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