Your Gut May Play a Powerful Role in Your Well-Being, Our Survey Finds

Your Gut May Play a Powerful Role in Your Well-Being, Our Survey Finds

Learn more about living an active life and nurturing your digestive system.

Your gut is ingenious. It’s home to 100 trillion microbial cells that influence everything from immune function to metabolism to nutritional health. And scientists are continually discovering new connections between gut health and overall wellness.  

Nature’s Bounty® recently surveyed 2,000 Americans to unlock insights on the connection between exercise, activity, digestive health, and well-being. Dive into our findings to learn more about living an active life and nurturing your digestive system to support the power already within your gut.   

The connection between your lifestyle and gut health 

Getting enough exercise and other lifestyle factors may be closely linked to the health of your gut microbiota. And the connection between gut health and exercise could go both ways. When you feel great, you might feel more inclined to move and enjoy the benefits of living an active lifestyle.  

In our survey, many people perceived a connection between nourishing their digestive system and enjoying positive health benefits. 90% of respondents said they believe their overall digestive health impacts their physicality and immune system. Nine in 10 also believe their diet has at least a moderate impact on their immune system, and 89% believe their diet impacts their physical activity levels.  

Making time for exercise to support digestive health isn’t always easy, but Americans are finding creative ways to get moving, with six in ten saying they can “get all the exercise they need” without going to the gym. Nearly all respondents (98%) believe they can get a workout while taking on everyday tasks such as: 

  • Walking around the neighborhood (74%) 
  • Taking the stairs (60%) 
  • Doing yard work (59%) 
  • Cleaning the home (59%) 
  • Walking the dog (56%) 

Many respondents reported being happy with their fitness levels and the way their bodies feel. Nearly 20% said they feel like a person ten years younger than themselves, and 10% reported feeling like a superhero or professional athlete. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to look one particular way—it’s all about maximizing your body’s innate power to thrive! 

A little extra support for digestive health 

Your gut is already brilliant—but sometimes a little extra nurturing can help your digestive system function at its best. Two in three survey respondents said they would likely use a probiotic supplement to support their digestive health.*  

Nature’s Bounty® Ultra Strength‡ Probiotic 10 is a one-per-day formula containing clinically studied probiotic strains that provide advanced support for optimal digestive balance and healthy immune function.* Each serving contains 20 billion live probiotic cultures from 10 probiotic strains to support GI microbiome diversity.* Besides supporting your body’s natural digestive process, Ultra Strength† Probiotic 10 has been found to contribute to immune and upper respiratory health.* 

Adding a probiotic to your routine is the perfect way to nourish and support your gut’s remarkable abilities.* After all, your digestive system is key to your well-being and part of what gives your body its power to flourish. Although science has still only scratched the surface of how complex and ingenious the gut microbiome truly is, we are constantly discovering new insights.  

The takeaway: fit movement into your day in fun ways that work for you. Support your digestive system with a probiotic supplement if you need to.* And most importantly, trust your gut—it’s doing amazing things on your behalf, every single day! 

†Compared to single strain probiotics  
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