Gut Check: Exploring the Power of Probiotics with Nature’s Bounty®

Gut Check: Exploring the Power of Probiotics with Nature’s Bounty®

Welcome to the world of digestive health, where we’ll explore the intricate balance between our powerful bodies and the billions of microorganisms that live inside them.

Your digestive system is a serious powerhouse in its own right, releasing nutrients, breaking down food, and eliminating waste to keep your body functioning normally. It’s in your nature for your digestion to work hard to take care of you – so shouldn’t you take good care of it, too? Nature's Bounty® Ultra Strength‡ Probiotic 10 is your trusted sidekick, supporting your digestive balance and your intricate immune system.* Now join us as we dive into the science of digestive harmony and discover how probiotics can nurture your gut and your entire body as a whole.

What Are Probiotics? 

Let's break it down: Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help you stay healthy by supplementing your microbiota, the microbes that naturally live inside your body, to provide health benefits. It is estimated that the number of different bacteria strains within the body is trillions! Considering probiotic comes from the Greek word “for life,” it's no wonder they're valued for their ability to support the body. 

Why You Need Probiotics 

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help with digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune support.* However, stress, diet, and other factors can disrupt this delicate balance, resulting in occasional digestive discomfort. With a wide range of Nature's Bounty probiotic supplements, you can find a product that helps maintain your gut's population of beneficial bacteria to support digestive wellness.* Through our carefully selected strains, we deliver the full benefits of probiotics, which results in supporting a healthy gut microbiome and overall health.* 

What is the microbiome?  

The microbiome refers to the collection of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes, that live in and on the human body. These microorganisms exist in various parts of our body, such as the skin, mouth, gut, and reproductive organs. The microbiome is incredibly diverse and plays a crucial role in maintaining our overall health and well-being. 

There are microbes that can help with digestion, produce essential vitamins, support the immune system, and maintain a healthy balance within the microbiome. Certain microbes contribute to the breakdown of dietary components that our bodies cannot digest on their own. 

How does gut health impact immune health? 

The gut houses a significant portion of our immune system, guiding immune cell development and activity through beneficial bacteria and signaling molecules. A robust gut lining acts as a barrier, facilitating nutrient absorption while blocking harmful substances. Additionally, beneficial gut bacteria produce short-chain fatty acids, which help support a harmonious immune response. 

How does gut health change as we age? 

As we age, our gut health undergoes several transformations: 

Microbial Diversity: The variety of microorganisms in our gut tends to diminish over time. This decline in microbial diversity can affect gut function and its ability to carry out essential tasks. 

Changes in Gut Motility: Gut motility, or the movement of food through the digestive system, may slow down with age. This can lead to issues like occasional constipation or irregular bowel movements.  

Altered Immune Function: The gut plays a vital role in immune function, and as we age, there may be shifts in how the immune system operates in the gut. 

Decreased Nutrient Absorption: Aging can impact the gut's ability to absorb nutrients effectively. This may result in deficiencies in essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, affecting overall health. 

Understanding these changes can help us take proactive steps to support our gut health as we age, especially through diet and lifestyle changes which may include supplementation. 

What to Look for on a Probiotic Label 

Using this article, you'll discover what you should be scanning for to make the best probiotic choices for yourself. 

CFU: CFU stands for colony forming units. It tells you how many live, active microbial cells are in a probiotic product. This number gives a better idea of how potent the probiotic is compared to just listing mg amounts. 

Strains: Make sure the probiotic you choose lists the genera, species, and strain (like Lactobacillus acidophilus La-14). Probiotic strains can tell you a lot about the benefits they can provide. 

Expiration: Choose probiotics with a printed expiration date to ensure quality and potency. 

Health Benefits: Probiotics offer various benefits, from digestive support to immune function. Check the product information to find the right probiotic for your needs. 

Empowering Your Gut Health with Probiotic 10 

Nature's Bounty Ultra Strength‡ Probiotic 10 offers a groundbreaking daily solution, with 20 billion live probiotic cultures and 10 distinct probiotic strains. This formula is specifically crafted to support your digestive health, enhancing the diversity of your gut microbiome for optimal balance.* By nurturing your gut microbiome, Probiotic 10 also plays a crucial role in supporting healthy immune function.* Beyond digestive benefits, it contributes to upper respiratory health, embodying our holistic approach to overall wellness from within.* 

Cultivate Wellness from Within  

Your body has an incredible capacity for maintaining balance. By embracing the power of human nature and the science of supplements in addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can empower your journey to optimal digestive health.* Join us in nurturing your body from within and experience the benefits of premium supplements, including Nature's Bounty® Ultra Strength‡ Probiotic 10, for supporting digestive harmony.* 

‡Compared to single strength probiotics 
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