Golden Milk Recipe with Turmeric

Golden Milk Recipe with Turmeric

With antioxidants and rich flavor, this soothing recipe for Golden Milk is a delicious way to reap the benefits of Turmeric.* Traditionally used for centuries in India, Turmeric is an herbal component packed with plant-based antioxidants that can help fight against cell-damaging free radicals in the body.* While Nature’s Bounty Turmeric supplement can be taken in pill form, the capsules can also be opened and prepared as tea or in your golden milk as an alternative way to get your daily dose.

With turmeric being one of the main ingredients, a warm glass of golden milk makes the perfect bedtime beverage.



  1. Combine turmeric, coconut milk, cinnamon, and ginger in small saucepan and set to medium heat
  2. Heat mixture until steaming but do not bring to a boil
  3. Pour liquid into a mug and add honey to sweeten
  4. Enjoy!
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