Summer Tips for a Healthy Heart

Summer Tips for a Healthy Heart

With the weather finally warming up, eating a healthy diet and indulging in some outdoor activities are the keys to a healthy heart!

Here are some tips for staying active and eating healthy this summer:

Stay Hydrated
Drink plenty of water before, during and after an activity. The summer months are warm, so, your body loses hydration rapidly. Stay hydrated and fight the heat!

The Right Fit
Wearing the right clothes helps a lot in the summer months. Prepare accordingly! You never know when an incredibly warm afternoon could turn into a cool night. Pack that spare hoodie!

Pay Attention to Your Body!
While being active, watch out for cramps, dry mouth, exhaustion and more, as all can lead to more serious issues. Take the time to cool down, hydrate and relax after an activity.

Cool Down
When the heat becomes too much, head inside! Taking shelter from the heat helps your body recover more rapidly.

Eat Light
Typically in the summer, you do a lot of grilling outside. This is great, because grilling your food can be a great way to incorporate lighter eating habits into your diet! Vegetable kabobs, grilled chicken and fish are delicious and healthy!

Assess Your Fitness Level
After a long winter indoors, and a cooler spring, it’s important to have realistic summer goals. You may be anxious to get out there and hit the trail, but take your time and let your body acclimate to working out!

We know you’re excited to head out into the sun for some fun! Make sure to follow these tips to prevent exhaustion and injury during the summer, and remember to stay hydrated and eat light!

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